Bisti Badlands Wilderness
(gallery 13)

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Bisti Wilderness


Sea Life Nursery 


All hands on deck 


Swamp creatures


Hoodoos at sunrise


Moon setting in Bisti 


Palace guards 


Bisti landscape 

Bisti Badlands


Bisti Badlands 


Bisti Badlands 



Giant Seashell 


Surfacing Whale 


-Jojo le merou-
Jojo the grouper fish


Manta Ray


Turtle tops


Window to Bisti 


Hail to the Chief 


Bisti Hoodoos 

The Lion King 


Lioness resting 


Swamp life forms 


Petrified tree log 


Chocolate Chip Ice Cream 


Mexican Shadow 


Palace in ruins 


Palace window 


Hoodoos at dusk


Duck Head


Small hoodoos


Bisti Hoodoos