Paris in black & white
(gallery 9a)

    "Black and white photography is like chiseling a diamond - it discards the inessential to reveal the substance."
    Carole Devillers ("The World's Greatest Black & White Photography" book)

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Afternoon light on the bridge


Street mime 


Vintage metro entrance 

Vintage metro station


At sidewalk cafe in Montmartre 


Montmartre street 

Cafe in Montmartre


The Black Cat art gallery 


Restaurant in Montmartre 

Watching over Paris


Pont des Arts
(Arts Bridge)


Gargoyles of Notre Dame


Alley of restaurants
Latin Quarter


Metro station 


Ducks by the Louvre Pyramid


A ray of sun on Arc de Triomphe


Priest packing for the rain 


Rue des Rosiers
Jewish Quarter


Old man feeding pigeons


In the metro 


Maternity clothes ensigna


Roller skaters


Roller skaters 


Sketching artist





    "Of all the means of expression, photography is the only one that fixes a precise moment in time. We play with subjects that disappear; and when theyíre gone, itís impossible to bring them back to life. We canít alter our subject afterward.... Writers can reflect before they put words on paper.... As photographers, we donít have the luxury of this reflective time....We canít redo our shoot once weíre back at the hotel. Our job consists of observing reality with help of our camera (which serves as a kind of sketchbook), of fixing reality in a moment, but not manipulating it, neither during the shoot nor in the darkroom later on. These types of manipulation are always noticed by anyone with a good eye."
    Henri Cartier-Bresson (French photographer 1908-2004), "American Photo", Sep/Oct 1997.