Carole Devillers

Sky happening in White Sands NM

Participants at Bisti Badland NM

Tie-dye balloon at Balloon Fiesta NM

Grand Canal in Venice, Italy

Painted elephant at Jaipur Festival, India

Paris, France

Adventure Photo Expeditions

ADVENTURE PHOTO EXPEDITIONS: Experiential travel, photo practice, and adventure, all in one. Carole Devillers, represented in the book "Women Photographers at National Geographic", currently offers expeditions to New Mexico, France, India, Italy and Haiti. An author and photographer, explorer, adventurer, caver and lecturer, Carole has 35 years experience in the field that is now extended to your advantage.

Designed especially for photo enthusiasts by a photographer, all expeditions are led by Carole Devillers.

AN EDUCATION IN THE ART OF SEEING... Our small-group expeditions and 3-day tours are not technical workshops but travel opportunities designed for you to put into practice what you've learned in workshops or books. You will sharpen your photographic skills hands-on in the field and develop a new way of seeing, versus just looking. When you look, you only take snapshots. When you see, you go to a deeper level, you connect with and bring out the soul of your subject, whether it is a person, a flower, an animal or a landscape. Learn how to see and you will capture the spirit of place.

FROM HOODOOS TO VOODOO... Adventure is around the corner when you join us and discover remote places and cultures, shooting during the best light of day. Experience the spirit of adventure and exploration, develop better understanding of world cultures, capture with your lenses and appreciate with your senses the natural beauty of our planet and its people.
And since all of our time is spent in the field and not in a classroom, NON-PHOTOGRAPHERS AND ECO-TRAVELERS ARE EQUALLY WELCOME. Focusing on seeing improves any traveler's experience, with or without a camera.

DO NOT BE CONCERNED if you don't have a 600mm lens like that used by a fellow traveler or expensive photo equipment (better but not necessary). Many good photos have been taken with a point-and-shoot - Cartier-Bresson only shot with a 50mm lens. What is most important is your eye, together with light and composition. And for that, Carole will be at hand to share her expertise with you and give you advice along the way on how to improve your photography. On some trips you will also have the opportunity to watch short digital presentations of her work ahead of a shooting excursion so that you know what to expect and how to photograph it best.

Since a few excursions will be taken for the first time, you will have the opportunity as well of observing how a photographer explores and goes about capturing story-telling images of a new area. Last but not least, at her contact you will deepen or rekindle your passion for photography.

Remember, "The real voyage of discovery lies not in finding new lands, but in seeing with fresh eyes." Marcel Proust (French writer)

"Dear Carole, We all have many happy memories of our time in Haiti and we are pleased that you were part of it. I hope that we meet again in the not too distant future. In the meantime, best wishes from all the members of Calypso's crew. Most sincerely."
Captain Jacques-Yves COUSTEAU (Calypso Captain)